Club Associate Members voting at Area Caucus Meetings

If you want your club Associate Member to be able to vote at an endorsement recommendation Area meeting in a contested race, then the Party requires you to fill out a forrm at: 48 hours before the Area meeting.


SECTION XIII - Endorsements

E. Rules Concerning Recommendations, Endorsements and Ballot Propositions/Initiatives

1.a. Club Associate members endorsement recommendation voting rights are activated when:

i. The number of Democratic candidates is equal to or less than the number of available seats.

ii.The Club has held a valid endorsement vote in that race and provides proper documentation of the Club’s endorsement vote, and submits the form to the Party forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Area Caucus meeting at which the endorsement recommendation will occur, and shall be bound to the clubs position during the endorsement vote until that position is no longer an option. i

i The policy involving the binding of club associates votes will begin on September 20, 2019.