Directors and Officers Insurance

The Party is investigating the costs of D&O Insurance.
Does your Club have insurance for your E-Board?

  • Yes, we have Director & Officer Liability Insurance for our Club
  • No, we do NOT have Director & Officer Liability Insurance

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Sorry I hit Yes on accident. We have chartered club basic liability coverage through the CA democratic party.

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We have liability insurance for the club through State farm.

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Thanks Joy. Can you share details on the amount of coverage you have and the premium you pay for that?

Hi John, Will there be more information on this type of insurance? Should we, as club offices, be concerned with liability? Just wondering where this is stemming from. Thanks! Diana

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Hi Diana, Gary Bland asked the question originally. Most clubs responded that they don’t have this type of insurance. A few have responded to this poll. @garybland was there something in particular that sparked your interest?

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I used to work for a medical non-profit company here in San Diego that helped lung and heart transplant patients. Our Treasurer at that time, who was a lawyer, thought that we needed it to protect us from a lawsuit in case we were sued by a transplant patient for not doing something that was promised to them. We were not a large company and if someone on our board made a commitment to a patient and did not carry thru on that commitment the individuals on the board could have been sued since our non-proft did not have a lot of money. We obviously did not want that to happen. Perhaps there was minimal chance of that but then why do we all have car, life, and home insurance?


It’s a $1 M policy for $500 premium. You don’t have to wait for July 1 to get it like you do with the party’s insurance.

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Thanks Joy for sharing. Just to be clear, no one is saying clubs have to get D&O insurance. The California Democratic Party offers Liability Insurance, that some venues require you to have to rent a space and the local SDCDP offers coverage for one-off events like street fairs - more details here