Updates to Club Manual

A draft of the Club Manual is now available online for you to review, and comment.

The members of the Club Development Committee will take your suggestions and incorporate them into the manual - so we can maintain it together as a living document.

Please take a minute to reacquaint yourselves with the content, and either post comments here in Discourse or in the document itself.

Thanks to @torreypinesdems for the comments in the Google Document :+1:
We’ve made some additions and added some new sections.

Keep the ideas coming and together we’ll make this the best online guide to starting a Democratic Club!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: It was fun. :slight_smile:

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Is there a reference for the new club to reach out to their appropriate caucus and attend the meetings and/or assign an alternate? Perhaps this can be added.

Yes, I think all of the Party and State interaction sections need to be expanded to describe those roles better and to explain their importance. :+1: