Welcome to Dem Clubs Discourse

Dem Clubs Discourse fosters a spirit of cooperation and shared purpose

  • It’s for Club officers, chairs of committees, and club activists
  • Here you can ask fellow clubmembers questions - political and practical
  • It’s a place for networking with new club officers and Democratic club veterans
  • It’s a source of collaborative knowledge - the wisdom of clubs

If you have questions, post them and see who answers.

  • Vote up your favorite ideas
  • Mark solutions as the official answer
  • Assign topics to yourself or others
  • Collaboratively edit with full revision history

“The Council of Democratic Clubs is an informal assembly of Democratic Club and Democratic Coalition presidents, or their designated representatives. The Council’s purpose is to foster communication and cooperation between Council members, to assist in building the organizational capacity of Clubs and Coalitions, to develop and implement projects that are beneficial to Council members’ operations, and engage in other activities as the Council deems appropriate. The Council of Democratic Clubs is not a governing body for the entities represented.” - SDCDP Bylaws